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Brazil is elected to chair UNHCR Executive Committee. But what does this mean?

Translated by Natália Valverde JatobáWritten by Rodrigo Borges DelfimRead here the article in PortugueseRead here the article in Spanish For the next 12 months, Brazil will chair the Executive Committee (EXCOM) of UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. But what does this election mean in practice? And what can be understood from this announcement, whether by the Brazilian government or civil society? The election of Brazil to this post, which is rotating, was announced with fervor by Itamaraty (as the Ministry of Foreign Relations is known) on October 9, after the Committee session. Days later, on Tuesday (13), ... Leia mais

UNHCR report highlights Venezuela’s international limbo regarding refuge

The Global Trends Report cites that there are 79.5 million forced displaced people in the world, 26 million of them refugees. Brazil is cited prominently, but is also the target of collections By Rodrigo Borges DelfimTranslated by Natália ValverdeRead here the Spanish versionRead here the Portuguese version Despite calls from the United Nations (UN) and one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time, the situation in Venezuela is far from a global consensus on shelter. And this limbo is clear in the latest edition of the report Global Trends, published annually by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for ... Leia mais

Research will measure impact of coronavirus on immigrants and refugees in Brazil

The results will contribute to the design of policy proposals in order to reduce the negative impacts imposed by the situation of social withdrawal Written by Rodrigo Borges DelfimTranslated by Natália Valverde JatobáRead here the Portuguese versionRead here the Spanish version A survey already available in six languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, Arabic and English), aims to transform into data – and subsidy for public policies – the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has been causing on immigrants and refugees in Brazil. Developed and applied by a set of institutions, the survey “The Impact of Covid-19 on Migration in ... Leia mais

Financial booklet for refugees and immigrants is updated by the Central Bank

Translated by Natália ValverdeRead here the Portuguese versionRead here the Spanish version Having a bank account is commonplace for much of the Brazilian population, but it has been a historical obstacle for immigrants and refugees living in the country – and even more so in times of pandemic and difficulty with access to emergency aid. It is in this context that comes the update of the Financial Information Booklet for Migrants and Refugees, launched last November by the Central Bank. Available in five languages in this new version – Portuguese, French, Arabic, Spanish and English – the booklet was prepared ... Leia mais

In the midst of gaps, actions by immigrants and refugees against the pandemic gain prominence

Inclusion of immigrants in the discussions and execution of actions is pointed out as one of the ways to respond not only to Covid-19, but also to other demands Written by Rodrigo Borges DelfimTranslated by Natália Valverde JatobáRead here the Portuguese versionRead here the Spanish version Whether in collective or individual acts, the actions led by immigrants and refugees in São Paulo in response to the coronavirus pandemic have stood out. Thus, such mobilizations show their strength and value, while at the same time highlighting the social and political gaps in the care and forms of social participation of this ... Leia mais

See questions and answers about the access to emergency relief for immigrants and refugees

Written by Rodrigo Borges Delfim Translated by Natália Valverde Jatobá Read the portuguese version here. Created by the federal government as a way to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, emergency assistance can also be requested by immigrants living in Brazil, regardless of the migratory situation. The precarious situation experienced by families who lost their income due to the coronavirus, combined with conflicting information and technological problems, make access to the benefit a complicated task. From the two lives already promoted by MigraMundo, in partnership with the ​Missão Paz and Defensoria Pública da União (DPU)​, answers to some of ... Leia mais

Money, uncertainty, stress and loneliness: migrants in Europe talk about lockdown during Covid-19 pandemic

Eight migrants living in France and England spoke to MigraMundo about the difficulties in the midst of the lockdown established to contain Covid-19 Written by Victória BrottoTranslated by Natália ValverdeRead here the Portuguese versionRead here the Spanish version “The lockdown is like a war, but without weapons,” says Agnes Amon Tanoh, 63, a refugee from Ivory Coast and now living in the English city of Birmingham. She and seven other migrants living in countries like France and England have reported to MigraMundo stress, loneliness, financial and study difficulties. They also mention lack of food and hygiene items due to rising ... Leia mais

Emergency relief website and app are available; benefit extends to immigrants and refugees

Caixa’s website and app are available for those elegible to ask for R$ 600-financial aid relief; app can be dowloaded by Android e iOS systems. (Photo: Rodrigo Borges Delfim/MigraMundo) Written by Rodrigo Borges DelfimTranslated by Natalia Valverde Read the Portuguese version here.Read the Spanish version here. The site and application of the Caixa Econômica Federal are already available for access to request the emergency assistance announced by the federal government. The benefit, which aims to mitigate the effects of the crisis generated by the coronavirus on the economy and income of low-income workers, also extends to immigrants and refugees living ... Leia mais

After had been separated in a boat, refugee couple meet again almost 2 years later

MigraMundo has been, for 5 months, with Shang Sardar Magded, who was into prison and faced three judgements to find her husband again, in Strasbourg By Victória Brotto From Strasbourg, France Portuguese version – click here There was one little window on the top of a church, in the centre of a French city called Strasburg. From there, we could see the other houses around – and the moon. “Have you ever came up to here to see the view, Shang? It is wonderful!” “No. Never, I am a bit afraid of going to the window at night”, said Shang ... Leia mais

We Are Here Zürich: “Let’s make people experience the positive aspects that migrants bring”

Formed by volunteers, the group organizes activities inside Switzlerland and other countries, putting migrants and local people together in open-air events; next stop is Brazil By Rodrigo Borges Delfim From São Paulo (Brazil) “We decided to set up these initiatives to make people ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ all the positive aspects that migrants bring along with their personal histories, cultural background, knowledge, skills, food, etc.. instead of letting the images and reductive interpretations settle in”. Here is the goal of “We Are Here, Zürich”, a group formed in Zürich (Switzerland) by volunteers engaged to put together migrants and local people in ... Leia mais