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A refugee child has five times less chance to go to school, says UNHCR report

Report “Left Behind” of the UN Refugees Office shows that only 1% of 6.4 million refugees in scholar age will get in university By Victória Brotto From Strasbourg (France) Review by Márcia Passoni Portuguese version – click here “To whom does Yagani belong?”, asks, in English, the teacher Patrick Abade in the middle of a crowded classroom. He snaps his fingers, dances and put the question into a musical rhythm – and repeats it three times. The students, even though pressed at each other’s shoulders, laugh and follow the teacher. “To whom does Yagani belong?”, sing all together. Yagani is ... Leia mais

Government starts to place toilets and water-points for refugees in Calais, France

The local government will put 5 chemical toilets and 3 water-drinkers for 700 refugees in the centre; For NGOs , the quantity is “ridiculous and extremely insufficient” By Victória Brotto From Strasbourg (France) Portuguese version – click here The Calais’ town hall has started today to install chemical toilets a 500 metres from the city centre, where about 700 migrants live. The action comes up after a court decision that states Calais to provide humanitarian aid for the refugees. The local government has until August, 21st to finish the work. For the NGOs who work along with refugees, the aid ... Leia mais

“Children dream of running away”, says French doctor about Syrian population

With 10 years of experience in war medicine, Raphäel Pitti says, during a conference in France, that Syria lives a “barbarism” By Victória Brotto From Strasbourg (France) Portuguese version – click here A centigram of Sarin-gas causes the death of a 60kg man. For being a neurotoxin, the gas causes respiratory paralysis and, afterwards, death by suffocation.  The Sarin is volatile, odourless and colorless and its toxicity is a hundred times higher than the arsenic gas – used in the Nazis concentration camp over the Second World War. On August 21st, 2013, 1.400 people died in Syria after inhaling the Sarin ... Leia mais

Central America lives a “human catastrophe of maximum level”, UNCHR says

Gang violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras caused 175,000 people to flee over the last five years. The majority being women and children. To MigraMundo, the UNCHR in Mexico said that the crisis hits “level 10” By Victória Brotto From Italy Portuguese version: click here Why so many migrant niños? , asks Irma Deras a Savadoran grandmother to three, one of whom was murdered a few metres from her house by the Maras. Maras is the name of the gangs in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. And the murders, kindnappings and rapes committed by them are the reason why, ... Leia mais

Map details migratory routes from North of Africa to Italy

First interactive map in the world about the migration in the Sub-Saharan countries was lauched last Sunday, 28, by the italian NGO Medici Per Diritto Umani By Victória Brotto From Calabria (Italy) Portuguese version – click here A 26 year old youngster flees from his little town in the countryside of Eritrea. Afraid of engaging in the National Service, he decides to go to the port in Mersa Gulbud, in the coast, take a boat to Suakin city, in Sudan. He has chosen the sea rote because by land it will be too dangerous – he could be captured by ... Leia mais

Ode to Joy – building bridges between Europeans and refugees

The story of a London Choir which brought refugees, Europeans and UK citizens together through music By Victoria Brotto From Verona (Italy) Portuguese version – click here Dear reader, this is not a story of a people who have crossed oceans to arrive in a land that does not have a place for them – neither laws to protect them or a policy that could shelter them. This is a story of dozens of migrants who, through music, now they feel they have a home; a story of a choir in London – a city elected by The Guardian as ... Leia mais

“A migrants fear does not have a rational base”, says ex-UNHCR responsible for refugees in Kosovo war

The vice-president of Casa Benvenuto, a NGO that receives migrants in Italy, Simone Andreotti, 42, spoke with exclusivity to MigraMundo By Victória Brotto From Verona (Itália) Portuguese version – click here A migrants fear, in Europe, does not have a rational base. It is what says the specialist in migration issues Simone Andreotti, 42, to Migraundo. To him, there is a crisis, but it is not of the person who arrives, but it is Italy’s, that does not have the capacity of receive them.” Andreotti was one of the responsibles for a UN Refugee Angecy’s camp in Albania, in 1999, ... Leia mais

As a reaction to xenophobia, Paulista Av. hosts debate on Migration issue

Event has taken place in opposition to  the manifestations against migrants and refugees that had happened in the Avenue days before By Rodrigo Borges Delfim From São Paulo (SP) English version: Victória Brotto Some days after a protest against anti-immigration had turned into news in Paulista Avenue, another event has shown up in the most famous avenue in São Paulo: an event where people from different backgrounds shared ideas and information on migration matters. The lecture “Intertexto – Voz aos Direitos: Nova Lei de Migração” (Through the Text –  a Voice for the Rights: The New Migration Law, in free ... Leia mais

“My art saved my life”, says Nigerian artist after crossing Mediterranean Sea

His Sculptures are inspired by what he saw during his journey crossing the sea in 2015 By Victória Brotto from Verona (Italy) Portuguese version (click here) A new art appears between the imperious ruins of one of the biggest artistic capitals in the world. Rome, a city that has seen so many Michelangelo’s, Rafael’s, Picassos and Modigliani’s rising, now it makes room for another type of art; an art born in one of the bloodiest sea’s in the planet, the Mediterranean Sea. The artist Fasasi Abeedeen Tunde, 32, a Nigerian migrant,  shows his art in Rome. His Sculptures are inspired ... Leia mais

English version: I want to show what the wall looks like, says the author of “The Wall”

Created by photojournalist Griselda San Martin,  project shows interactions between families separated by the US-Mexico Border By Rodrigo Borges Delfim Photos by Griselda San Martin Contrary what Donald Trump says, there is already a US-Mexico wall. It covers about 1,000 km of the 3,200 km border between the two countries and its construction began in Bill Clinton’s administration (1993-2000). In addition to existing, there is an area on this border that is covered by a binational park (Friendship Park, or Parque de la Amistad, in Spanish), where people from both sides can interact with each other – despite severe restrictions ... Leia mais