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Who are the candidates in São Paulo who have made a commitment to maintain policies for immigrants

Find out who are the candidates for mayor and councilman who are in favor of maintaining and expanding policies aimed at the immigrant population in the capital city of São Paulo

Translated by Natália Valverde Jatobá
Written by Rodrigo Borges Delfim
Rede the Portuguese version here.

How are the social policies implemented in relation to the immigrant population in São Paulo in recent years, starting with the next municipal administration? Which are the candidates for mayor and councilman who are committed to acting in favor of these actions?

In response to a letter written by 39 collectives and civil society institutions in São Paulo that deal with the issue of migration, 23 candidates for councilman and one of the candidates for mayor made official their commitment to guarantee the rights of the immigrant population in the city.

In the capital of São Paulo there are 14 candidates registered for mayor and 1,996 for councilman, according to data from the TSE (Superior Electoral Court). The municipal legislature has 55 seats.

In the letter, the institutions listed 13 points in which they expect commitment from the candidates (read the entire document at the end of the text). Among other issues, they call for compliance with the 1st Municipal Plan of Policies for Immigrants, announced last August, and the rejection of manifestations of hatred of any kind.

See below who are the candidates who have already made a commitment to the demands described in the letter, according to the position they are disputing. The list will be updated until the first round of the municipal election, as new adhesions arrive.

Councilman Candidates

Ailton Amaral (PSOL)

André Barbosa (PSDB)

André Stark (Rede)

Banca Sustentável (PV)

Carlos Bezerra Jr. (PSDB)

Chuks Iloegbunam (PSDB)

Daniel Annenberg (PSDB)

Ecoletivo (PSOL)

Edson Queiroz (PSDB)

Euri Ferreira (PV)

Gabriella Bueno (PSDB)

Inti Queiroz (PSOL)

Izamar (PT)

Keit Lima (PSOL)

Mandato Progressista (PDT)

Norlay Costa (PSOL)

Prof. Oberto (PSB)

Patricia Zanella (Rede)

Prof Jorge (PT)

Raimundo Lemos (PT)

Ricardo de Lima (PSOL)

Roberto Carlos (PSOL)

Rute Alonso (PSOL)

*Names are described as they appear in the urn, according to the TSE portal

Mayor and Vice Mayor Candidates

Guilherme Boulos and Luiza Erundina (PSOL)

Public policy on the agenda

According to the municipal administration, about 360 thousand immigrants currently reside in São Paulo, covering a total of 197 nationalities. The largest community is Bolivian (estimated at at least 70,000 people), followed by Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Haitians, Spanish, South Koreans, Argentines and Peruvians.

This presence for decades has mobilized debate and the implementation of policies that guarantee the rights of the immigrant population in São Paulo.

Since the end of 2016, the city of São Paulo has had a Municipal Policy aimed at the immigrant population. It has consolidated a series of measures implemented in the municipality since 2013 in relation to immigrants, such as the CRAI (Center for Reference and Assistance to Immigrants) and the creation of the CMI (Municipal Council of Immigrants).

The plan announced in August aims to deepen and ensure the implementation of this policy. It foresees 80 goals to be achieved by 2024 – that is, precisely by the next municipal administration. These goals were based on the demands presented at the 2nd Municipal Conference on Immigrant Policies, held in November 2019.


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